Electronic sub-assemblies

We provide comprehensive assembly of electronic systems, electrical protection systems, control systems as well as supplying of metering and regulation systems. We ensure precise technological procedures as well as an individual and responsible approach to each project.

Machinery sub-assemblies

We install machinery sub-assemblies of power systems such as power plants, heating plants, heat facilities or cogeneration units.  We focus on building, reconstructions or servicing of sub-assemblies such as fluidised boilers, condensers, stations for purified water treatment,  dispenser stations etc.

We provide assembly work for industrial infrastructure such as compressor stations and  technical gas pipping.

  • Water treatment
  • Heating plants, heat facilities or cogeneration units technologies
  • Heat exchangers and condensers
  • Pressure vessels
  • Steel constructions
  • Piping
  • Chemical cleaning of internal surfaces in technological devices